Character Spotlight: Derry Riordan

Name: Derry Kevin Riordan

Alias/Nicknames: The Commander

DOB:  14 July 1933

Place of Birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hair Colour: Dark reddish brown

Eye Colour: Dark grey eyes

Other Facial Features: A flat short nose with red veins lining the bridge travelling down to his red pock-marked cheeks. Thin red lips, with yellow-stained crooked teeth. Often adorns a small stubbly moustache, emphasizing the lack of hair on his scalp.

Mother: Celeste Riordan nee O’ Donovan (deceased)

Father: Cillian Riordan (deceased)

Siblings: Iona Riordan (elder sister), Mary Rafferty nee Riordan (younger sister – deceased)

Other Relatives: Brigid Riordan (daughter), Sean Riordan (son), Catriona Riordan (niece), Ronan Rafferty (nephew)

Significant Other: Nora Riordan nee Walsh (deceased)

Closest Allies: Brigid Riordan, Sean Riordan.

Convicted Charges: Various assaults and battery charges. Assumed guilty of manslaughter and murder charges, never charged.

Talents: Exceptional gunman, avid manipulator. Brute force, and low cunning.

Favourite Saying: “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf” – George Orwell

Inspirations: Michael Collins

Despises: Cowards and pacifists.

Greatest fear in life: That the only plot where his name is set in stone is his tombstone.

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