Character Spotlight: Ronan Rafferty

Name: Ronan Cillian Rafferty

Alias/Nicknames: Ronny

DOB: 26 September 1961

Place of Birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hair Colour: Light Auburn

Eye Colour: Baby blue with a freckle in his left eye

Other Facial Features: A narrow but pointed nose with a red tip, prominent cheekbones with pale skin often adorned with dark ginger stubble. Thin rose-red lips and narrow eyes. He has a sizable gap in his two front teeth.

Mother: Mary Isleen Rafferty

Father: Unknown (presumably deceased)

Siblings: None

Other Relatives: Catriona Riordan (cousin) Iona Riordan (aunt), Derry Riordan (uncle), Sean Riordan (cousin), Brigid Riordan (cousin), Celeste Riordan nee O’ Donovan (grandmother-deceased), Cillian Riordan (grandfather – deceased before birth).

Significant Other: N/A

Closest Allies: Catriona Riordan

Convicted Charges: None as yet.

Talents: A talented persuader/influencer and public speaker. Well-read and good all-rounder.

Favourite Saying: “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wise people so full of doubts.” – Bertrand Russell

Inspirations: Martin Luther King

Despises: Hate itself, religion and slow walkers.

Greatest fear in life: That he will die alone and loveless.

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