Book Review: Rich People Problems

Just like the first two novels of Kevin Kwan’s crazy rich series, Rich People Problems is a deliciously fun read that once again makes the reader both laugh and cringe at the crazy but real characters written between its pages.

I promise no spoilers, but as it says in the blurb in this final chapter of the decadent tale, Nicholas is convinced to return to his grandmother’s billionaire estate, Tyersall Park, as she lays on her deathbed. As each clan of his extended family secretly plot their share of the expectant inheritance, we see a hilarious but cleverly human and heart-warming story unravel and the idea of what it is to be family, no matter how dysfunctional, pursues.

In classic Kwan style, this tale has many twists, turns and surprises, refusing the reader the chance to know where and how the trilogy will conclude. Rich People Problems, in my opinion, would have to be Kwan’s best work in the series, as it shows a more raw side to the characters that were often seen as the hard-to-please or even robotic personalities of the previous books.

I particularly enjoyed the flashbacks to matriarch Su Yi’s unknown past, which makes her illness even more heart-wrenching. Kwan forces us to love and feel for a character that we despised in the first novel. A true work of penmanship there…

Just like the first and second novel, a lot of unwritten action has happened between the second and third, shifting the dynamic between characters dramatically, which keeps the action extremely enthralling for us readers. Kwan has managed to produce three very different tales that mesh perfectly together to form a realistic and yet other-worldly story.

I’m truly sad to have to say goodbye to the Youngs when I’ve just seemed to get to know them, but I cannot wait for the movie adaptation for Crazy Rich Asians and of course, more of Kevin Kwan’s works in the future!


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