Character Spotlight: Catriona Riordan

Name: Catriona Celeste Riordan

Alias/Nicknames: Cat, The Scarlet Fox

DOB: 18 February 1957

Place of Birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hair Colour: Strikingly copper.

Eye Colour: A vibrant emerald green.

Other Facial Features: A sharp angular jaw, pale ivory skin with faint freckles on the bridge of her pointed nose.

Mother: Iona Siobhan Riordan

Father: Unknown (presumably deceased)

Siblings: None

Other Relatives: Ronan Rafferty (cousin), Mary Rafferty nee Riordan (aunt), Derry Riordan (uncle), Sean Riordan (cousin), Brigid Riordan (cousin), Celeste Riordan nee O’ Donovan (grandmother-deceased), Cillian Riordan (grandfather – deceased before birth).

Significant Other: Kamari Ayabei (deceased)

Closest Allies: Busara Ayabei, Ronan Rafferty, Mama-J

Convicted Charges: Aggravated Robbery and Assualt (1973), Murder and Terrorism (1979)

Talents: Trained in guerrilla warfare, hand-to-hand combat (Jujutsu), expert thief and lock picker. Speaks Irish.

Favourite Saying: “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Inspirations: Michael Collins

Despises: Whiners, her uncle and Margaret Thatcher.

Greatest fear in life: That she becomes the person everybody already presumes she is.  

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